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Bumble & Goose

Do you need a reason to have cake?  Here at Bumble & Goose, we simply love cake.. chocolate brownies .. iced biscuits and cupcakes to name but a few. We have a no compromise approach and use the finest ingredients, free range eggs, proactively recycle and avoid waste as much as possible. In exchange, it helps to create bespoke products that taste like nothing else.. and its good for the environment too!

We work hard baking and developing cakes and bakes to make every day special

..and just a little dancing! Not a day goes by when there isn’t music in the bakehouse. Life is for living, seize the day and try and do what makes you happy. Don’t let life pass you by. Sit down once in a while, look around you and take it all in. Enjoy every moment and treat yourself and others when you get the chance.

We like our indulgences and we think you’ll do too! Using top quality name brands such as Cadbury’s, Terry’s and Green & Black chocolate in our baking.. you will taste the difference!

Chocolate Brownies

Our Company

Our initial concept was found in 2018 when we decide to chase the dream.  A series of events made us take stock of our situation. Why do what makes us unhappy when we can help spread a little happiness and have fun at the same time too? We simply love to bake and back on that  day we decided it was time to make it happen. Lots of time was spent getting organised and fine-tuning our initial products and designing our standalone custom bakehouse.. affectionally know as the Bumble House and this is where our treats are made. It has been built and designed specifically for baking cakes, making yummy biscuits, delicious brownies and of course has great sound system for a little dancing!

Heart biscuits by Bumble&Goose

Bumble & who?

Why .. How..  Bumble what? It's true; baking makes us feel good. We like it when you guys smile too! So here is the plan.. Spread a little happiness and be positive about life! Enjoy every day and eat cake when you can! (in moderation of course!) 
We have been lucky enough to be featured in a few articles - click the links below to read more about Bumble & Goose

bumble and goose bespoke bakehouse
Bumble and Goose heart gift boxed iced wedding favour biscuits

Post a little happiness

We are not the norm.. We like to share our goods far and wide in our custom gift boxes, designed for mailing our products all over the UK, Ireland and beyond. Check in our online store for our fully bespoke personalised Biscuits, Click to Collect cakes & Cupcakes as well as fabulous Brownies by post that taste like no other!
Perfect for that gift.. but perhaps to nice to give away!

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