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Mother’s Day 2021 … it’s a little different

Mother’s Day gifts by Bumble & goose

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2021

I am absolutely delighted to introduce to you our Mother’s Day collaboration with the lovely, warm, kind and incredibly talented Anna aka Sketchy Muma.

Mother’s Day is looking a little different this year and most of us won’t get to enjoy quality time with our mums, so we’ve come up with a selection of warm and thoughtful images to help you convey to your mum how much she means to you.

Follow the link to order….limited availability

For Mother’s Day this year, we are delighted to be featured by the amazing and well renown lifestyle blog Modern Guy in their  Mothers day gift guide 2021.

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Top 10 tips for transporting a cake

10 top tips for transporting a cake from Bumble and Goose bespoke bakehouse … it’s easier than you think

1. The golden rule of cake transporting… be prepared… you don’t want to end up with a damaged birthday cake!

Different cakes have different requirements but the basics are all the same. They are fairly delicate, don’t like being squeezed, don’t like being warm… and don’t like to move around much!

At the Bumble & Goose Bakehouse we have a mix of collection orders and cake delivery orders. We’d love to add them to our postage setup but unlike posting brownies, cakes won’t look quite the same when they arrive!

2. Put the lid on!  We supply all our cakes in cake boxes. They are made for carrying cakes but when you do have to move a cake in a cake box, ensure the lid is on  as it adds rigidly to the cake box. 

3. Hugs anyone? … don’t squeeze or hug it. If you squeeze it, the sides will squish into the cake and that beautiful drip or those lovely smooth sides will smudge! 
The best way is to hold it underneath like you are carrying a pile of books; I like one hand under the cake and the other at a bottom corner of the cake box. Before you lift you cake to move it, ensure the place you are going to put it is ready for the cake.

4. Don’t put it on your lap! Occasionally when we checked with customers, they had no space in their cars and expected to rest it on their lap in the front seat. No, trust us this isn’t a good idea! If the driver has to brake suddenly, your lovely cake becomes an airbag!

5. Clear the boot One of the best places in a car is actually the boot or the trunk; it’s cool, fairly stable and if you place it correctly, the cake won’t move about. It’s a heavy thing so actually doesn’t slide about the boot unless you are completing a section of the Circuit of Ireland! 

6.Oh.. and speed ramps, remember your precious cargo!

7. Be Cool, Honey Bunny, Be Cool!

We chill our cakes for transport; it makes the cake less wobbly and firmer whilst in transit and then as it comes back to room temperature it softens up again. 

8. Turn off the heat. If you have to place the cake in the car, use the passenger footwell ensuing the cake is level and remember to turn off the heat to the floor. We’d advise against using the seat for the cake as it’s sloped and so will your cake be when it arrives … and don’t even think about the seatbelt to strap the cake down! Trust us, we are in the cake business – it’s best in the boot or on the front passenger footwell.

9. Lift it carefully – When you arrive at your venue, carefully lift the box up from underneath without squeezing the sides of the box and then carry to the table or stand area. Open the box up and slide the cake out. It will be on a cake board, so get your hand underneath the cake board (or use a cake slider if your venue has one) and lift carefully and set it on the display area.

10.Ready to eat – We like to allow around 2hrs for a cake to come to room temperature but you don’t always have to wait that long, it just depends how cold the cake was and the room temperature. Buttercream cakes should ideally be left in the fridge, or if you don’t have room in your fridge, a cool room overnight if collected the day before the event and remember to lift it out early enough to allow it to come up to room temperature.


About Bumble & Goose

Bumble and Goose Bespoke Bakehouse are based in Bangor County Down, Northern Ireland. They produce the finest cakes and bakes for any occasion. As a cake maker, they supply Bangor, Holywood, Newtownards, the Ards Peninsula and Greater Belfast area with a custom delivery service available for the rest of Northern Ireland, Dublin, The Republic of Ireland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland and beyond. Alongside the bespoke cake design, Bumble & Goose also make unbelievably amazing chocolate brownies and personalised biscuits which can be ordered online and posted UK wide. Choose from Dairy Milk Chocolate, Terry’s Chocolate Orange… or Delicious Salted Caramel.

Bumble and Goose Handmade personalised biscuits are comprised of a buttery vanilla biscuit base topped with sweet fondant and digitally printed artwork for any occasion; corporate logos, messages, cartoons, hand drawn images, the only limit is your imagination! These can be also ordered via the website here, or by emailing or calling 07410379816

semi naked wedding cakes

Thanks for reading our Top 10 tips for cake transporting and I hope it’s given you some useful tips in safely transporting and storing your cake! Enjoy! 

To order your cake, click here to be taken to the Bumble & Goose cake shop

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An introduction to Chocolate Brownies

It was towards the end of a long day when I had my first taste. I’m not a “cake man” so to speak.. well I wasn’t then, thats for sure. All I had previously experienced was that brownies, cakes and cupcakes were dry and dull. I liked the icing as it made it.. well made it slightly nicer!

That day it all changed. I tried one of Mrs Bumbles Chocolate Brownies. Its hard to really explain but they are a fudgey chewy chocolately bite, the texture changes as you nibble through each bite from the flakey papery top coat into the moist fudge like centre and then into the chewy yummy bottom.

I haven’t looked back since that day; I was in awe then and each day i’m blown away by the delicious bakes which I have to quality control of course (not actually my job but don’t tell the boss!)

I have often asked about the brownie recipe but I’ve yet to find out just how Mrs Bumble makes them sooo amazing!

You can find these yummy brownies here – and they do nationwide delivery too!