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An introduction to Chocolate Brownies

It was towards the end of a long day when I had my first taste. I’m not a “cake man” so to speak.. well I wasn’t then, thats for sure. All I had previously experienced was that brownies, cakes and cupcakes were dry and dull. I liked the icing as it made it.. well made it slightly nicer!

That day it all changed. I tried one of Mrs Bumbles Chocolate Brownies. Its hard to really explain but they are a fudgey chewy chocolately bite, the texture changes as you nibble through each bite from the flakey papery top coat into the moist fudge like centre and then into the chewy yummy bottom.

I haven’t looked back since that day; I was in awe then and each day i’m blown away by the delicious bakes which I have to quality control of course (not actually my job but don’t tell the boss!)

I have often asked about the brownie recipe but I’ve yet to find out just how Mrs Bumble makes them sooo amazing!

You can find these yummy brownies here – and they do nationwide delivery too!